Ceremony Guidelines

Planning a Wedding?

ringsMarriage Preparation
Because marriage is a sacrament of the Church and a life-long commitment, the common policy of the Dioceses of New Jersey require a preparation period of not less than one (1) year from the proposed date for a wedding ceremony.  Therefore, couples that wish to marry at the Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish  are required to participate in a formal process designed to help prepare you for your new life together.  This consists of meetings with the priest (or deacon) who will conduct your ceremony, and additional sessions with married and other engaged couples.

The purpose of meeting with the priest or deacon is to familiarize you with the requirements for marriage in the Catholic Church, gather necessary information, explore the sacramental dimensions, and help you to prepare the various components of your wedding liturgy. Meetings with married and other engaged couples are designed to assist you in exploring the various joys and challenges of married life.  There are three varieties of these sessions:  Pre-Cana, Preparing to Live in Love, and Engaged Encounter.  You are free to choose one of these experiences.  At your first meeting with the priest or deacon, you will receive more information on these sessions and how to register for them. + Read More

Planning a Funeral?

As the Book of Wisdom foretold, it is only in the eyes of the foolish that our beloved deceased are dead; that their passing away is considered an affliction, “their going forth from us utter destruction.” (Wisdom 3:2-3). As St. Paul reminds us, “God will bring forth with Him from the dead those also who have fallen asleep believing in Him.” (1 Thessalonians 4:14).

funeral1Because we are a people of faith in the promises of Our Lord Jesus Christ, we celebrate with the ancient rituals of the Church the passing of our beloved deceased from this life into the full presence of God. These rituals have taken shape through the expressions of faith that have grown over the two millennia of Christian witness.

It is our hope that these guidelines will assist you in planning the elements of the rituals to be employed in the funeral services for your loved one. Please read through these guidelines carefully. Members of our parish Comfort Ministry as well as the parish staff are available to assist you if you have any questions, concerns or special needs. + Read More