Cultural Diversity

OLPH Parish is a Catholic family that celebrates the differences and practices among our parishioners. In addition to serving the regional needs of Galloway & Egg Harbor City, OLPH Parish also fits into a cultural framework that serves various communities in the area.

Hispanic (Español)


Our Egg Harbor City church has deep roots in the Hispanic community, offering religious education, bulletin highlights, and masses in Spanish. In 2010, South Jersey was blessed with the arrival of Rev. Armando Rodriguez Montoya in Hammonton, but he soon began helping unite and increase the Hispanic community at St. Nicholas Church. He continues his work with OLPH, knocking down language as a barrier between people and faith.



One of our former parish associates, Fr. Yvans Jazon, continues to help us serve the area’s Haitian community with a Creole mass every Sunday and the wonderful sounds of a talented choir at parish events. The mission of the Haitian Roman Catholic Community in Atlantic County is to encourage brothers and sisters to experience God’s love and mercy through our cultural events and Catholic Masses celebrated in our native language and custom. We are a community of local Haitian families and friends, who strive to continue to promote our native values, cultures, and faith by organizing spiritual and cultural events within our parish community.  Our mission is to live by example and teach the Haitian youth the meaning and the importance of the Catholic faith.



We also support to the camaraderie of our Filipino population by offering our facilities for meetings, helping to plan, and supporting initiatives in any way we can.