Pastoral Council

The Pastoral Council is an envisioning and planning body. In collaboration with the Pastor, the Council seeks to discern what God is calling the parish community to be and helps determine how the parish as a community can make progress toward fulfilling its specific mission. The mission of Our Lady of Perpetual Help parish is shaped by the Church’s two-thousand-year tradition and ultimately grounded in the mission of Christ.

The role of Pastoral Council is to maintain the integrity of the parish of Our Lady of Perpetual Help’s mission, goals and the objectives related to it. It seeks ways to further vitalize a sense of community within the parish.

Pastoral Council serves in an advisory capacity to the Pastor and ensures that progress is made toward fulfilling it’s vision. It has produced or promoted many successful programs such as the community festival, fundraisers, and a variety of social events.

Current Pastoral Council members:

  • Steve Kellenyi
  • Patrick Eigbe
  • Cathy Garcia
  • Michael Busciacco
  • Frank Brogden
  • Iraida ‘Cookie’ Melendez
  • Linda Eattock
  • Joseph Polizzi
  • Julie DiSimone
  • Jack Carson
  • Kati Thompson
  • Sue Decker

Ex Officio Members

  • Rev. Thomas Barcellona
  • Rev. Vincent Orum
  • Mary Ellen Schurtz
  • Nancy Ridell
  • Edwin Lopez
  • Joseph Picardi
  • Joel Daclan
  • Michael Guerrieri

We welcome and encourage your suggestions and hope you keep the lines of communication open to us by using our email address or talking with us directly!

PASTORAL COUNCIL MISSION: The Pastoral Council of Our Lady of Perpetual Help parish is an elective body of parishioners that assist the Pastor in identifying the needs of the parish community, setting goals and planning, implementing and evaluating procedures and programs that address those needs, and so fulfilling the mission statement of our parish community.


Membership on the Our Lady of Perpetual Help Pastoral Council shall consist of 11 representatives of the laity, ten of whom are elected by the parish at large and one appointed by the pastor. Ex officio members shall consist of the Pastor, Parochial Vicar, Deacon, Director of Religious Education, Assumption Regional School Principal, and the parish Youth Minister.

Candidates for membership must be registered parishioners in good standing who are at least 18 years of age at the time of their election. They must be faithful to the Church’s teaching and mission, are active in the sacramental life of the Church, are mindful of their stewardship responsibilities, and are willing to participate in ongoing faith formation and education.Once elected or appointed, members of the council shall serve a term of three years, renewable for a second three-year term.


Officers of the Council shall be as follows: Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, and Secretary. The Chairperson meets with the pastor to develop an agenda for each council meeting two weeks in advance, and passes a printed copy to the Vice-Chairperson.

The Chairperson facilitates council discussions and monitors the work of council members between regular meetings. The Vice-Chairperson receives agendas for upcoming and minutes of previous meetings and distributes copies to all council members one week before upcoming meeting.

The Vice-Chairperson also facilitates meetings in the Chairperson’s absence. The Secretary records minutes of each meeting and passes a printed copy to the Vice-Chairperson for distribution to council members as noted above.


An ad hoc nomination committee will be formed from among council membership each year at the March meeting.

Nominations for membership on the Council will commence the second weekend of April Any registered parishioner is eligible to submit a nomination. All nominees will be notified by a member of the election committee.

At that time, the prospective nominee will indicate his/her willingness to run for office. Elections will be conducted at all liturgies on the first weekend of June.

The election committee will receive and count the ballots and notify all candidates of the results. The results shall be announced at all liturgies on the second weekend of June.


To promote an atmosphere of trust, respect and charity, the Council shall arrive at decisions through the use of consensus rather than voting. Since the Council acts in an advisory capacity, the Pastor must use his best judgment in accepting or vetoing the Council’s decisions. However, should he veto a decision, the Pastor must provide the Council with substantiated reasoning for doing so.